"I Watched My Son Go From His Teacher Saying He Would Be Held Back A Year" 

"To All Excellent And Good On His Last Progress Report."

Lacee Delgadillo, Parent, Metairie, LA 

This is how one of our many satisfied customers describe "Click N Kid's" Phonics.

Dear Parents:

     Give your children a head-start at school by teaching them to read. You will find the children who are good at reading are also good at other subjects.

     If your children are having problems with reading then they will need help. Because if they fall behind in reading, all other subjects will be affected. Reading is the weakest link in the learning chain. When your children struggle with reading, they struggle with all subjects.

                 You Can Raise Your Children’s Self-Esteem And Self-Confidence By Teaching Them To Read

     The good readers are usually always in the top of the class in all subjects. But the number one difference between the good readers and the bad readers is self-confidence and self-esteem.

     One of the biggest benefits of helping your children to improve their reading skills is the increase in self-esteem and self-confidence. And this flows on to other subjects. You will see the difference in your children. As your child’s reading improves you will see their self-esteem increase also. And they will become more self-confident as their grades improve over all their subjects.  


I am happy to report that my youngest child is doing absolutely fantastic in the short amount of time that he's been doing the lessons. It actually amazes me to hear him look at a word and sound out each and every sound; and then to see it 'click' in his head when the final word comes out of his mouth.

Susan Moore, Parent, Athens, Greece

Teach Your Children To Read And Spell And Give Them A Head Start At School

     If your children has trouble reading test papers then they will have trouble answering the questions. So helping to improve your children’s reading ability flows over to all subjects. Then your children are not so worried about sitting exams or handing in written assignments.

      In today’s world your child’s attention is competing against computer games, internet, TV, and play stations and whatever else is out there to distract your child from learning. So today’s kids are just not interested in spending too much time on learning to read But interactive lessons over the internet seem to hold your child's attention..


I wanted to express my gratitude for this outstanding product. ClickN READ is a comprehensive reading program that incorporates a multi sensory approach to learning. My son just turned five years old and he loves clicknkid the space dog and laughs at all of the funny stuff the space dog says to the tv screen. He is completely engaged and is enthusiastic about learning to read! Thank you so very much for a whole child approach to reading: incorporating phonics with sight words, spelling and reading, fun and humor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Michelle Conkle, Parent, Lago Vista, TX

  Turn Your Children Into Lifelong Learners  

     Anyway Parents, wouldn’t it be lovely if your child came home from school with a report card covered in “As” and “Bs”. And your child’s favorite place is the library. When your child has no trouble reading then they can spend more time learning other subjects. Then their overall school performance all starts to improve.  

     It is amazing the changes that take place after your children have mastered reading.

  • No more bottom of the class for your child.
  • No more struggling to try and understand test papers. 
  • No more not understanding what is written in the textbooks. 
  • Your children will start to like school. 
  • The teachers will stop picking on them because they can now read. 
  • Also now you will worry less about your children’s future.


"As a home schooling mother of a three and four and a half year old, I have been looking for a program to eventually help me teach my children the fundamentals of reading. When I came across the ClickN READ Phonics program, I was really impressed by what I saw on your website. However, I did not know if my 4 1/2 year old son would be interested enough to use the program and begin reading yet. We have discovered that our son loves the program!" 

"Thank you for coming up with a program that can capture the interest and attention of a four year old boy! We love the way the program is set up, and as a home schooling parent, I feel confident that with this program, teaching my children to read will be an easy, exciting, and encouraging experience for them and for me." 

"We have been so impressed by your program, that we have been telling all of our friends and family about it, and encouraging them to try it with their young children. Thanks again for offering an option to try out the program before buying, and for making it so easy to sign up and use!"

The Jarrett Family, Homeschool Parent, Ocean Springs, MS

Wow!! How Do I Teach My Children To Read?

     Well there are a number of ways to teach your child to read but with modern technology and the internet there is only one program that stands out head and shoulders above the rest with it's guarantee...

The Only Programs Guaranteed To Teach Your Child To Read And Spell Or Your Money Back. Also Our Risk Free 60-Day No Hassle, No Questions Asked Refund If You Are Not Satisfied.

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Learn to spell and read

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     The ONLY reading and spelling programs that offer a completion guarantee. That means if your child completes all 100 ClickN READ Phonics lessons and you are still not satisfied with your child's reading, we will refund your purchase price. 

     The same Guarantee applies to all 100 ClickN SPELL lessons and that is if you are not satisfied that your child has learned to spell, we will refund your purchase price. This guarantee applies to children with learning disabilities and adults as well as home use and schools!

      60-Day No Questions Asked Refund. 

     Should you ask for a refund within 60 days of your purchase we will not ask questions! Simply send us an email for an immediate refund of 100% of all payments made, regardless of how many lessons you have completed. 

These Are The Two Of The Best Guaranteed Beginning Reading And Spelling Programs On The Market Today!

  • The computer is your blackboard and 'Space Dog' and 'Cosmo Cat' are your tutors

  • The programs cover the Pre-K to 5th grade curriculum for reading and spelling

  • These programs will teach kindergarten kids, struggling and learning disabled children through to teenagers and adults

  • All you need is a computer hooked up to the internet to start teaching your child to read

  • 'Space Dog' and ' Cosmo Cat' take your place so your children do the programs on their own

  • And then to find out how well your child is doing, you get progress reports


"Thank you ClickN KIDS! This is the perfect program for my child, she is coming on leaps and bounds with her reading. I am so glad that you have a lifetime membership now in place as it gives me the freedom of allowing my little girl to work on it at much steadier pace, which seems to work better with her. Great Job."

Aliyah McQueen, Parent, Barcelona, Spain 

          The Fastest And Most Convenient Way For A Child To Learn To Read And Spell On Their Own

     Both the Reading and Spelling programs are online software. All you need to access these two programs is a computer and an internet connection. Everything is built into the program. No software to install, so they don't take up any space on your hard drive. Simply login to your account and away your children go learning reading and spelling by themselves. You can access your account anywhere in the world, and anytime night or day. The programs will run on all types of computer systems and browsers. The online Reading and Spelling programs are bug free and all upgrades are free.

For Homeschoolers These Two Programs Are Ideal For You Because:

     They teach the entire kindergarten to 3rd grade phonics curriculum the same as the USA public schools. Your children follow 'Space Dog' and 'Cosmo Cat' as they teach them in an easy to use and fun game-like learning environment. That implants the phonic sounds on your child's mind through repetition and easy user-friendly quiz games that are non threatening and non self confidence destroying in any way.

     Interactive learning at it's best. Here your child can experience the thrill of knowing that they are learning. When your child answers the quizzes they have to keep trying to get the correct answer. The answers are learned, not given away. Your children enjoy the challenge of getting the correct answer so they can move onto the next part of the lesson. 'Cosmo Cat' and 'Space Dog' patiently re-teach until your child gets it right. 

     With The Help Of 'Cosmo Cat' And 'Space Dog' Your Children Can Do The Lessons By Themselves

     They can learn phonics on their own. All you need to do is start the program up and log in. Then leave your children to learn the lesson by themselves. After the lesson is over you check the report to see how well your child is doing.

     Even children with learning disabilities can still learn to read and spell when 'Cosmo Cat' and 'Space Dog' are teaching them. Children and adults with autism, dyslexia and down syndrome, among others, have learned to read and spell after being tutored by 'Space Dog' and Cosmo Cat'. And if all else fails just remember "We guarantee it will work, period, or your money back!"

     Our phonics program is designed for children as young as 4 years old learning to read English for the first time, older children struggling to learn to read, learning disabled children and even adults learning English as a second language.

How Do 'Space Dog' And Cosmo Cat' Teach The Lessons

     All Reading lessons begin in "The Letter Sound Chamber" where 'Space Dog' introduces a new phonic sound. Now your child practices this new sound along with five other phonic sounds from lessons your child has already learned. This way your children are repeating what they have already learned and this helps to retain it in their long term memory. Over the 100 lessons your child learns 61 different phonics sounds and these are practiced with five previously introduced letter sounds. 

     Next 'Space Dog' takes your children to "The Listening Cube" where they learn word blending

     Here your children use the same phonic sound they have just learned. But this time your child sees the phonic sound as it is used in different words. Sometimes at the beginning of the word, then in the middle of the word and lastly as it is used at the end of the word. Now Exercise Time: Your child will need to correctly pick the word containing the sound that is spoken to move onto the next room.

     Now we enter "The Reading Room" where your child learns word and sentence reading skills

     Here the phonic sounds and the phonic blends that your child has just learned are put into new words and sentences to improve your child's reading ability. While in "The Reading Room" your children will learn to read and spell the 74 most commonly used words in the English Language called 'Sight Words'. 

At the same time your children will also learn about 'Word Families'

     These are groups of words that are very similar to each other and 'Space Dog' will teach you words that belong to 69 word families. 'Space Dog' will also go into "Prefixes", "Suffixes" and other "Word Endings" as well as teaching your children all about the "Silent E Rule" and how to identify and spell words that have a silent E. All the good things about learning to read, 'Space Dog' will guide your children through all the loopholes of learning to read.

Now it's time to be quizzed on what your child has learned

     While your children are learning all these there will be little quizzes and exercises in "The Speed Chamber" so your children can see how fast they are learning to read. Your children will be quizzed on Sight Words, Spelling Sight Words, Word families, Word Endings, Silent E Rule, Spelling Silent E Words, Making Sentences, Sentence Dictation, Prefixes and Suffixes. And the last exercise is Story Reading where your children bring everything they have learned together and they start reading a short story. 

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Learn to spell and read

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Now Onto 'Cosmo Cat' And Teaching Your Children To Spell

     'Cosmo Cat' will teach your children to spell the 800 most commonly used words that you come across when reading from PreK to the 5th grade. Mastering this lists of words helps in mastering English because these words are used 13 times more often than the next 800 words. So 'Cosmo Cat' is giving your child a solid introduction to spelling.

All spelling lessons begin in "The Spelling Station" where 8 words are introduced

     Here 'Cosmo Cat' gently guides your child to learn 8 new spelling words in each lesson of the 100 lessons. First the word is recited in a short sentence. Your child then copies the word from the word on the screen. Now your child has to write the word on a blank screen with out seeing the word.

Now its time to move onto "The Practice Pod" to practice spelling the new words

     Here the 8 words learned in "The Spelling Station" are practiced until your child can spell all 8 words without any mistakes. Each word is recited one at a time in a sentence, then your child must type the word correctly without seeing the word. After typing all 8 words the answers are compared to the correct spellings. Any incorrect spellings are repeated until all words are spelled correctly.

 For every 5th lesson it's onto "The Testing Terrace" to find out how much you have learned

     Your child now has a chance at a pop quiz where 10 words are picked from the previous 5 lessons. And its onto spelling and repeating until your child correctly spells all the words. The 800 words are grouped into 5 levels according to the grade levels in a USA public school. A child in grade 1 should be able to spell all the words in level 1. Now in "The Testing Terrace" for the Level Test, 20 words are picked from the entire level and your child has to correctly spell all words before moving onto the next level. Who said learning to spell was easy.

At the end of every lesson there are "Progress Reports"

     Every click your child makes while doing any lesson is recorded and you can see the results in the "Cumulative Results Report' where your child is compared to All Users of the program. All you need to do is compare your child's score with All Users score to see how well your child is doing. At the end of each lesson you can see your child's "Individual Lesson Report" which shows how well your child preformed on that lesson. All reports are saved to your members area.

Wow!! How Much Does All This Cost 

     For under US $00.60 a lesson you can teach your child to read. These lessons are between 20 minutes and 40 minutes depending on what your child is learning.. What can you buy for 60 cents these days? You get one hundred lessons that will guide your child until they can read and if they can't or you are not satisfied with their reading ability then our guarantee is there so you get a complete refund...

     Also to teach your child to spell you only pay under US $00.50 per lesson and after the one hundred lesson course if you are not completely satisfied that your child can spell then our guarantee is there to give you a complete refund.  

Click N Read Phonics

    Use coupon code: CNK and save 5% on our already reduced price.

     Try The Two Programs Completely Risk Free. You can ask for a no hassle, no questions asked refund any time during the 60 day trial period. 

     This is a LIFELONG PRICE and it is also transferable to your other children and to your friends. You only need to pay once and the programs are yours for life. After your children have learned to read and spell then it is time to pass the program onto your relatives or friends. You can pass the login password onto whoever you like, and they can use it for as long as they like.

Give Your Friends A 20% Discount And Receive $5 Back

     When you buy ClickN KIDS Programs you'll receive a unique Promotion Code that will give anyone who uses the code a 20% discount and you will receive $5 cash back. So when you tell a friend and they use the promotion code your friend will pay 20% less for their purchase and you'll get $5 for referring them. Your check is posted at the end of the month. And the great part is you can refer as many friends as you like. If you like this idea then you could make more money than you paid by referring all you friends. 

     Thank You For Your Time.



     Peter Legrove, a parent.

P/S Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, no questions asked. Don't hesitate. Order today by clicking the link below. And you will receive the key to your child's reading success. 

Now watch as your children's self esteem and self confidence soar as they master reading and spelling and head for the top of their class. 

'Cosmo Cat' and 'Space Dog' will help them master reading and spelling in an easy non-competitive environment and they can learn at their own speed.

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Learn to spell and read

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