They Laughed When My Daughter Opened Her Book

 But When She Started To Read 

They Were Amazed She Could Read So Well At Such A Young Age.

Dear Parents:

     Is your child struggling with reading? Is he or she a very slow reader? Is your child’s reading ability affecting the other subjects your child is learning at school?

     Then you are not alone. Schools nowadays are very competitive places. Kids are there to make it, but some get left behind. Actually quite a large number get left behind.

Is your child one of them?

    According to the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (2009). The Nation's Report Card: Reading 2009  (NCES 2010–458). Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.   

     “Thirty-four percent of 4th graders cannot read a simple poem.”     

Is your child one of them?

     Even the 2005 Reading Assessment didn’t show any remarkable improvement. It has basically remained the same over the years. No serious improvements at all.  

     If your child is having problems with reading then you should step in and help. Because if your child falls behind in reading, then all subjects will be affected. Reading is the weakest link in the learning chain. When your child is struggling with reading then your child struggles with all subjects.

You Can Raise Your Children’s Self-esteem And Self-confidence By Teaching Them To Read

     You will find the children who are good at reading are also good at other subjects. The good readers are usually always in the top of the class in all subjects. But the number one difference between the good readers and the bad readers is self-confidence and self-esteem.

     One of the biggest benefits of helping your children to improve their reading skills. Is the increase in self-esteem and self-confidence they will experience. And this flows on to other subjects. You will see the difference in your child. As your child’s reading improves you will see their self-esteem increase also. And they will become more self-confident as their grades improve over all their subjects.  

My daughter was having serious problems at school. The school wanted her checked for dyslexia or ADHD or anything they could think of but I wouldn't have it. I knew she had problems but I didn't want the school dictating to me. So I went on a hunt for something to help my daughter.  I brought a few books but they didn't do any good. Then I tried this course and things started to happen. My child liked the feel of the letters and I think that made the difference. Now she is on her way and is about to start reading by herself, but it takes time; Mrs. C. Thompson Alaska


Teach Your Children To Read And Write And Give Them A Head Start At School

     If your child has trouble reading exam papers then they will have trouble answering the questions. So helping to improve your child’s reading ability flows over to all subjects. Then your child is not so worried about sitting exams or handing in written assignments.

      In today’s world your child’s attention is competing against computer games, internet, TV, and play stations and what ever else is out there to distract your child from learning. So today’s kids are just not interested in spending too much time on learning to read.

Teach Your Children To Read And Write Using A Time-Tested Reading Method That Has Been Teaching Children For Over One Hundred Years

     So in my quest to help struggling readers get up to speed in reading I turned to a system that has been successfully teaching children to read for a 100 years. This teaching method has always been around but it never really took off in mainstream schools. It is a hands-on approach to teaching reading. You, the parent, have to be there to help teach your child.

     It is not a teaching system where you sit your child in front of the TV or computer and leave them to it. No, with this system you have to be there, making up the phonic sounds and words your child is learning.  Then helping your child trace the sandpaper letters the same way you would write the letter. And while doing this, your child has to say the phonic sound.

     I’m talking about the Maria Montessori method of teaching reading and writing using phonics sounds and sandpaper letters.

Why Can Something So Out-Of-Date Teach So Well?

     Because it has passed the test of time.

     Have a look at what CBS News has to say about Montessori Schools.

"Do Montessori Schools Have An Edge" Children At Montessori Schools Develop Faster In Reading And Math.  

     "The 5-year-old Montessori students were found to have better reading and math skills, than their peers who attended traditional schools."

     So it looks like a teaching system that has stood the test of time, is still making waves in the education world of today.   

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Your Children Will Learn To Read Using All Three Senses

     This teaching method uses all of the 3 different modes of learning – seeing, hearing and touch. If you learn using the three modes of learning you will learn faster because the three modes help plant what you are learning in your brain. Most classroom teaching is a visual - hearing based system with very little touch or movement involved.

     The Montessori Method uses all three modes of learning and that is why it is so effective. If your children are struggling with reading then bring out the sandpaper letters and the phonics and watch your child’s reading and writing improve.

     Phonics are a must for struggling readers because phonics help match the spoken word with the written word. And in most cases a reading problem is a phonics problem. So bring in the phonics and the sandpaper letters and reading problems just disappear.  

I've been teaching kindergarten kids in China for 4 years and I needed something to help the kids learn to write and read. I tried a number of products and books but nothing seemed to work. Then I found this book and it has been quite amazing. Making the sandpaper letters was not easy, but after that the kids just loved tracing the letters. I must admit it helped them to start reading and writing. They can now make up words after I say the word. And I don't even work in a Montessori kindergarten.

  Turn Your Children Into Lifelong Learners

     Anyway Parents, wouldn’t it be lovely if your child came home from school with a report card covered in “A” and “Bs”. And your child’s favorite place is the library. When your child has no trouble reading then they can spend more time learning other subjects. Then their overall school performance all starts to improve.

     It is amazing the changes that take place after your child has mastered reading. No more bottom of the class for your child. No more struggling to try and understand test papers. No more not understanding what is written in the textbooks. Your children will start to like school. And the teachers will stop picking on them because they can now read. And also now you will worry less about your children’s future.  

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          Video 3: How To Teach Using Sandpaper Letters

     As has been said many times before 'a picture tells a thousand words' and these free videos do just that. They are easier to understand as you can see how to make sandpaper letters then how to teach using them.  

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  “So How Do I Find Out About Teaching My Child To Read Using Sandpaper Letters?”

     The Montessori method of teaching reading has been around for nearly one hundred years. So you would think it would be very popular. But it has been overshadowed by more modern methods of teaching reading using the internet. The internet is not for everybody.

     Also the Montessori method is a complete teaching system. Therefore it is very easy to find a lot of information explaining the Montessori principles. But you need to know just about teaching reading using the Montessori sandpaper letter approach.

     And where do you find out how to just teach reading. Well there is a manual “Reading Student Struggling Student” that shows you how to teach reading using phonics and sandpaper letters.  

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  This Course Is About Teaching Your Children To Read And Write Using Sandpaper Letters

     In this power packed 114 page course “Reading Student Struggling Student” for $19.57 US Dollars for the pdf ebook you will discover:

  • How a 100 year reading and writing system can be used to teach children today
  • Children love to show other children what they know so let them teach each other
  • How Maria Montessori combines teaching reading and writing together
  • Controlled scribbling can prepare your child to write
  • How you can turn 26 letters into 44 different sounds
  • Phonics and more phonics but how easy are they to learn
  • What has tracing sandpaper letters got to do with the brain
  • How a bunch of cut out letters can help your child to read and write
  • Reading can take longer to learn that writing
  • Your children should start to write by themselves

Then you will be guided through a series of lesson plans showing you how to make sandpaper letters and then how to use them. After you are comfortable with the lesson plans you are introduced to ‘The Four-Step Process’ that you can use to teach your children any words they need to know from what they are learning at school.

    And too top it all off, there is a list of helpful hints that will make teaching your children to read a lot easier. These ‘21 Helpful Hints’ are taken from my 15 years of teaching in front of a classroom and include:

  • How long time to spend teaching your child to read each day
  • What are the best books to read
  • Repeat, repeat and repeat some more
  • The mysterious Mozart effect
  • Superlearning and Accelerated Learning
  • Reading aloud is one of the best ways to teach reading
  • The three times reading method or the ‘To, With, By’ method
  • What not to do

    They are just little things you can do to make teaching reading more enjoyable for you and your child.

     Also there is a downloadable section that you can print off from the internet. Here you have phonic charts and phonic lists as well as templates for the letters and also word lists. The letters are in cursive not in block so you can teach your children to write beautiful hand written words and sentences.

  See What The Washington Post Has To Say About The Future Of Handwriting

     “The Writing Is On The Wall.”   “When handwritten essays were introduced on the SAT exams, just 15 percent of the almost 1.5 million students wrote their answers in cursive. The rest? They printed. Block letters.”

     But the interesting part is:

“A group of first-graders who could write only 10 to 12 letters per minute were given 15 minutes of handwriting instruction three times a week. After nine weeks, they had doubled their writing speed and their expressed thoughts were more complex.”

     Students who remain printers, rather than writing in cursive, need more time to take notes or write essays for the SAT.

     There it is, the children who write in cursive wrote much faster and had better thought processes. If you want your child to write faster and more beautifully, then this manual is for you. And especially when it comes to the SAT exams, your children need all the help they can get. If they can write faster and more clearly, then that could be the deciding factor.  

     And that is what this teaching reading and writing using Montessori sandpaper letters and phonics manual is all about. Getting your children up to speed with reading and writing so exams will be a breeze.

    And there is so much more in this manual. I’ve just given you a brief outline.   

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       But That’s Not All. ..

     With the manual comes a free online tutoring session with me to give your child a head start when learning to read.

     If you are having problems teaching your children then just email me or if you like, skype me   peter.legrove   and we’ll talk about how to overcome any problems that arise. An online 45-minute tutoring session with me goes for $19.97 but it is yours free when you need it.

     The idea behind “Reading Student Struggling Student” is to get your child to read and we will do whatever it takes to get your child to read.

  • No more bottom of the class for my child
  • No more struggling to try and understand test papers
  • No more not understanding what is written in the textbooks
  • No more being picked on by the teachers
  • No more low self-esteem or low self-confidence for my child
  • Now my child’s future is more secure  
  • My children will start to like school  
  • Yes. I want to help my children get into the top 10 in their class.
  • Yes. I want to take control of my children’s education.
  • Yes. I want my children to be able to read better.
  • Yes I want my copy of the manual "Reading Student Struggling Student"  

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And Don’t Forget The Money Back Guarantee. 

You have one year to test the Montessori phonics and sandpaper reading method and if your child can’t read, or for any reason at all email me and I will refund you the cost of the book and the postage.  

     And you will receive the manual “Reading Student Struggling Student” for $19.57 US Dollars for the pdf ebook as an instant download.

   And a free online video tutoring session with me, Peter Legrove, valued at $19.97 US Dollars but yours FREE when you start teaching your children to read.

      All the best teaching your children.



     Peter Legrove  English Teacher

P/S:  To give your children the leading edge at school. And to give them a self-confidence and self-esteem boost Order Now for only $19.57 US Dollars and start your children on the road to lifelong learning.

Remember you have one year to try the Montessori way of teaching reading with phonics and sandpaper letters and if it is not for you I will refund the price of the book. And you can keep the ebook as my way of saying 'Thank You" for just trying out the Montessori Method of teaching reading. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  

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