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Teaching Your Children To Read Try Montessori Reading and Writing


Find out How Your Children Can..... 

"What You Need To Know To Survive The Future"

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A good phonics story should have lots of rhyming words and be quite short.

     When your child starts to learn phonics she needs lots of rhyming words. A good phonics story will have many rhyming words that make sense. Some phonic stories overdo the rhyming and the story does not make

sense to our adult ears. But don’t worry because these books still help your child to read. 

Rhyming is a crucial part of reading. 

     Also the phonics stories should repeat many words as often as possible without making the story sound silly to our ears. Rhyming and repetition of the phonic sounds helps to implant them in your child’s mind. I like the Scholastic Phonic Readers as they are a good size, have many rhyming words that are repeated often. The drawings are very simple so they don’t distract the child from reading. 

To Homeschooling Parents And Parents of Children who are having Problems Learning to Read

Have A look At Three Free Videos About How to Teach Your Child To Read 

     Video 1: Introduction To Montessori Reading.

 Video 2: How To Make Sandpaper Letters. 

          Video 3: How To Teach Reading Using Sandpaper Letters

     As has been said many times before 'a picture tells a thousand words' and these free videos do just that. They are easier to understand as you can see how to make sandpaper letters then how to teach using them.  

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     One phonics learning system I like is the Montessori teaching reading and writing system. This system uses sandpaper letters that the children trace so they can learn to write the same time they are learning to read. As the Montessori system does not use phonics stories to read. I use the Scholastic Phonics books with the sandpaper letters and I have found that system to be very effective at both reading and writing. Another book I have used with the sandpaper letters is Teach Your Child To Read by Michael Levin. This book has lots of rhyming and lots of phonic lists.    

     For more information about the phonics products I recommend see our teach reading page.


    To have a chat to other parents and to find out more about learning to read go to our forum.

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