They Laughed When My Daughter Opened Her Book

 But When She Started To Read 

They Were Amazed She Could Read So Well At Such A Young Age.

Your Children Will Learn To Read Using All Three Senses

     This teaching method uses all of the 3 different modes of learning – seeing, hearing and touch. If you learn using the three modes of learning you will learn faster because the three modes help plant what you are learning in your brain. Most classroom teaching is a visual - hearing based system with very little touch or movement involved.

     The Montessori Method uses all three modes of learning and that is why it is so effective. If your children are struggling with reading then bring out the sandpaper letters and the phonics and watch your child’s reading and writing improve.

     Phonics are a must for struggling readers because phonics help match the spoken word with the written word. And in most cases a reading problem is a phonics problem. So bring in the phonics and the sandpaper letters and reading problems just seem to disappear.  

Check Out This Video And Find Out How Easy It Is To Make Sandpaper Letters

     The video is about how to make sandpaper letters. They are not all the difficult to make and after you have made a few the rest are easy to make. I recommend just making a few each day. Make up the sandpaper letters you need for that day's lesson. This video will take you through the steps needed to make a sandpaper letter. You will start by printing off the letter from your computer and end up with a sandpaper letter.

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  This Manual Is Just About Teaching Your Children To Read And Write Using Sandpaper Letters  

  • How a 100 year reading and writing system can be used to teach children today
  • Children love to show other children what they know so let them teach each other
  • How Maria Montessori combines teaching reading and writing together
  • Controlled scribbling can prepare your child to write
  • How you can turn 26 letters into 44 different sounds
  • Phonics and more phonics but how easy are they to learn
  • What has tracing sandpaper letters got to do with the brain
  • How a bunch of cut out letters can help your child to read and write
  • Reading can take longer to learn that writing
  • Your children should start to write by themselves

Then you will be guided through a series of lesson plans showing you how to make sandpaper letters and then how to use them. After you are comfortable with the lesson plans you are introduced to ‘The Four-Step Process’ that you can use to teach your children any words they need to know from what they are learning at school.

    And too top it all off, there is a list of helpful hints that will make teaching your children to read a lot easier. These ‘21 Helpful Hints’ are taken from my 15 years of teaching in front of a classroom and include:

  • How long time to spend teaching your child to read each day
  • What are the best books to read
  • Repeat, repeat and repeat some more
  • The mysterious Mozart effect
  • Superlearning and Accelerated Learning
  • Reading aloud is one of the best ways to teach reading
  • The three times reading method or the ‘To, With, By’ method
  • What not to do

    They are just little things you can do to make teaching reading more enjoyable for you and your child.

     Also there is a downloadable section that you can print off from the internet. Here you have phonic charts and phonic lists as well as templates for the letters and also word lists. The letters are in cursive not in block so you can teach your children to write beautiful hand written words and sentences.    

     The idea behind “Reading Student Struggling Student” is to get your child to read and we will do whatever it takes to get your child to read.

  • No more bottom of the class for my child
  • No more struggling to try and understand test papers
  • No more not understanding what is written in the textbooks
  • No more being picked on by the teachers
  • No more low self-esteem or low self-confidence for my child
  • Now my child’s future is more secure  
  • My children will start to like school  
  • Yes. I want to help my children get into the top 10 in their class.
  • Yes. I want to take control of my children’s education.
  • Yes. I want my children to be able to read better.
  • Yes I want my copy of the manual "Reading Student Struggling Student"      

      All the best teaching your children.


     Peter Legrove  English Teacher

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Reading Student Struggling Student


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