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                                                                                                                                                    teaching reading to children

Teaching reading to children is not all that difficult

Teaching reading to children can be a lot of fun, as children love to learn. They can see you reading and they want to be able to read also. Children love stories, when they are growing up they make up stories in

their fantasy world all the time. So when you are teaching beginner reading to children start by reading in bed. Let your children pick the books they want to hear. Read aloud and as you are reading always underline the words you are reading with your finger or a pencil so your children know word makes what sound. 

Also children love playing games so when I am teaching reading to children I use the Montessori approach

That is a combination of phonics and sandpaper letters. Phonics are a must when you are teaching reading to children as they join the spoken sounds with the written word. They are the code to unlock what the words sound like. When your child can read the word the same way as the word is spoken then they will know what the word is. 

Sandpaper letters come in handy because as your child traces the words written with the sandpaper letters she also speaks it. 

This helps to plant the phonic sounds and phonic combinations in your child’s brain. A problem that does arise with phonics is when the child is saying the new word using phonics they speak the word too slowly. You must tell them to say the word faster so it actually sounds like the spoken word. When they can hear the word spoken then they should know the meaning if they have already learnt the word.

For more information about phonics courses I recommend including a Montessori course see our Teaching Reading page.





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