After The Next Storm Of The Century Will You Be Hungry, Tired And Thirsty 

Or Well-Fed And Safe

Natural And Manmade Disasters Happen Very Fast - Are You Preparing NOW

     Dear Worried Friend: 

     At the moment the world seems to be plagued with natural and manmade disasters. The storm of the century just landed in the USA. The floods in Australia last year. The earthquake that flattened Christchurch in New Zealand, and the Japan disaster that took what Mother Nature can do to new heights. 

     And don't forget the riots in the Middle East. They are more likely the result of 50 years of unrelenting population growth than governmental discontent. 

     There is no shortage of disasters affecting places on the planet. Just watch the news on TV and you'll see all the disasters from around the world unfolding before your eyes. 

    Are the people you see on TV, after the disaster, prepared or are they just waiting for the government to help out? Do you want to be like them or do you want to be in control? 

     Do you have enough tinned and dried food to keep you going when all hell breaks loose? Where are you going to get water? Do you have a mindset to survive? 

     Are You A Little Bit Worried 

     About something like that happening to your little corner of the planet. What would you do if an earthquake flattened your city and you and your family survived. 

     What about a flood that left you living off the roof of your house. What would you do to get safe water to drink when you are surrounded by water. 

     Also, what if civil unrest swept through your neighborhood. And you had to lie low, actually very low for a couple of weeks before order was restored. Can you survive?

     The Way The Planet Is Going These Things Or Something Similar Could Happen Anytime Soon

     Like a pandemic marched around the globe. How would you survive if there were no vaccines to stop it. There are a number of things you can do that should give you a better chance of survival. 

     Are you a little bit worried about the future? 

     What about December 20 2012? There are a lot of predictions about the end of the world coming to a city near you. Are you prepared or thinking about doing something to prepare for a future that could be quite different from what is around us today?        

      There are many things that could turn Your safe neighbourhood into A war zone

    Apart from the usually suspects like earthquakes and floods and social unrest. You could also have the bees dying off or petrol running out, just to name a few. Both would stop food getting onto the supermarket shelves. And once the supermarket shelves are empty, then it is every family for themselves.

     Civilization has been very good to us. But as our society gets more and more complex it gets more and more fragile and it all runs on electricity.

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     And when the electricity goes off and doesn’t come back on again, we will go from the Modern Age to the Middle Ages in less than a week.

  • What will you do?
  • Can you live without the fridge?
  • Have you lived all your life with a fridge like I have?
  • What will you do for water?
  • How can you make water safe to drink when you have no electricity to boil the water?
  • Where do you get food to eat after the supermarket has been stripped bare?
  • Do you have any food hidden and stored in your home?
  • What about growing a garden?
  • What are you going to do now?
  • Are you going to leave it up to the government or are you going to take control of your future.
     Even if the electricity doesn’t go off we can at least prepare for the worst. Western Civilization is so complex that any major disruption could throw your own suburb into total chaos. 

Something Could Happen Any Time Soon.

  • Like the long anticipated pandemic.
  • Or a global warming flood or drought that knocks a big dent in the available food supply.
  • Or Monsanto screws up and destroys a major food supply crop with its genetic tinkering.

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When Mother Nature Goes Mad The Electricity Could Go Off.

     So you need to know a little bit about surviving after the electricity goes off and doesn’t come back on again.

     Just before your safe society comes crashing down around your ears you need to do a few things. 

     You’ll need to stock up on a few essentials that’ll keep you going when all around you are wondering what has happened.  

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“Prepare NOW To Survive....” Does Just That.

     You will be shown how to start and continue setting up your own personalized food storage system. This is based on what you and your family eat now. You can also buy a number of products that you can use in your house that are very good at sterilizing water.

     They are top of my list, as you need water to survive. After a couple of days without water you will not be able to think straight. So the number one item you need to get will help you survive, when all around are suffering from water borne diseases. And that is something that will make water safe to drink.

     You will get into saving seeds and growing your own survival food like having trays of sprouts growing as well as stocking up on storage food. You can store a lot of seeds in a very small area. You will learn how to save seeds and set up a rotation system so your seeds do not get old and die on you.
The good old-fashioned fridge has been around for a generation. But how do you live when the electricity goes off and the fridge with all its food shuts down. Hang the food up to dry. Here drying food in the sun is not that difficult, as you will find out.

     Also it is time to live with less. Here you will find out how easy it is to change a few things around and use a lot less. You will also know how to set up a simple water recycling system so you don’t use so much water. After the town water stops flowing what do you do to get water. When that happens you know how to use less water. Water will be a big problem. When the water shuts down so does the toilet so what do you do? Well now you know. Part of modern civilized man is the supermarket. But what do you do after the supermarket runs out of food. You will be preparing for this, so it will not be so much of a shock.

     Now you have your food storage in place and your water tanks. But how do you keep the meandering mobs away from your little patch. You will remain invisible and if they come checking there will be very little to take.

     Pandemics are real possibility in the future. The last serious pandemic, the SARS, was stopped in its tracks by quarantine not by vaccines. So if there is another serious pandemic, forget about vaccines. Stick to the old age methods used during the 1918 Spanish flu. They are very simple and they could very well be the difference between life and death. Have a practice run next time you feel the flu coming on and see if the baking soda mix makes any difference.


     And at the end you’ll have a plan to put into place. So you’ll have a better chance of making it through most natural disasters and then onto helping rebuild society once again.

     Just remember there are three kinds of people living around you. 

     People who watch things happen, people who wonder what happened and the people who are prepared and do not need to worry about what is happening. 

    Which type of person do you want to be?

     find out how to survive The aftermath of A Major Manmade or Natural Disaster 

     Then you will be more confident when the power goes off or the supermarket runs out of food. 

  • You'll know how to set up a rotating food storage system so you will always have spare food in your home. 

  • You'll know what to buy to make water safe to drink because you need water to stay alive.

  • You'll learn about staying invisible as this could save your life when things go from bad to very bad.

  • When the electricity goes off you'll know what to do with the food in your fridge and freezer so you wont lose it all.

  • You'll know how to set up a simple water recycling system using buckets because water will be very precious.

  • Also you'll know how to grow your own emergency food so you can save your food stocks.

  • Plus there are many more tips that will help keep you alive.

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     In this little ebook you will learn some very easy methods to set up mini gardens around your backyard. And as the mini gardens get bigger and your lawn gets smaller, you will have lots of vegetables to eat and store. 


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     Peter Legrove

Our human global society is very fragile

P/S Your way of life could change very soon, very fast. As Mother Nature turns against you. Are you prepared for it? Well you can be. 

Just look around you and see what changes you can make, to help you survive a future that could be very different from what we have around us today. 

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